Music Venues in Sunderland

Music Venues in Sunderland

Sunderland has a fantastic music scene, having produced some internationally famous bands over the last 20 years. With venues like The Stadium of Light attracting some of the biggest bands in the world right down to Plugged Inn, a local music venue ideal for local bands starting out their gigging career Sunderland has a venue to suit everyone. Here at Guitar Lessons Sunderland, we are keen to encourage our guitar students to go and experience as much live music as they can - it is a great way to learn the stagecraft of guitar. So you know where you should check out here is a rundown of the venues we consider to be the best places to rock out in Sunderland.

The Stadium of Light

The Stadium of Light has seen the likes of Oasis, Take That (pictured), Pink, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rihanna rock crowds in the 45,000 capacity stadium over the last few years. Certainly, a venue that you should be keeping your eye on as some of the biggest international bands in the business will no doubt be coming to rock local audiences soon.  

The Independent

The Independent is a fantastic local music venue in Sunderland describing itself as 'dropping music bombs'. With two rooms, the 400 capacity main room and the 100 capacity little room The Independent is the perfect place to start gigging at. Located at 36 Holmeside, SR1 3HY the venue regularly puts on shows of local bands helping them to grow a passionate local audience. With some great bands to check out The Independent is the place to check out.

Plugged Inn

Plugged Inn is a fantastic new music venue that has just opened up in Sunderland. Perhaps with the most awesome website of any music venue Plugged Inn, located at 29 Holmeside, SR1 3JE, welcomes up and coming bands to come and rock local audiences. Another ideal venue to start gigging at, Plugged Inn sees a stream of quality musicians play regularly building up a local fanbase - something that all local bands should be doing. Great music venue, check Plugged Inn out.

Sunderland Empire

Sunderland Empire is one of the oldest and largest music venues in Sunderland having been opened in 1907 with a capacity of over 2,000. Having seen the likes of David Steward, The ELO Experience as well as numerous Bootleg Beatles & Queen tribute nights the Sunderland Empire is an atmospheric place to watch live music. Especially with the appearance, the ghost of famous comedian Sid James haunting backstage the venue will be sure to serve up a rememberable night.

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