Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?

Certainly, I have taught loads of beginners over the years! Here a Guitar Lessons Sunderland you never stay a beginner for long, we will have you playing along to your favourite songs in no time! Even if you have never strummed a guitar before I will teach you everything you need to know to play the guitar music you love!

Where are you based?

I actually teach most of my lessons at the pupil's houses. I find teaching guitar students in their own homes helps them to learn guitar even faster as they are in a comfortable and familiar environment. If you live in Sunderland city I will come to you!

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Alternatively, you are more than welcome to attend guitar lessons my specially designed home studio located on Deepdene Road, just off Dykelands Road slightly to the north of Sunderland. Click on the map to find out where we are! The guitar studio is the perfect place to learn guitar, it has relaxed and warm feel helping aid your learning! 

Do you teach Electric AND Acoustic guitar?

Of course, you can take your lessons in electric or acoustic guitar, the choice is yours!

Do you teach children?

Yes! Though from experience I find children younger than 8 tend to struggle with the guitar, so I recommend starting your kids off from 8 and up! Half hour lessons each week tend suit children best. You are more than welcome to join us during the guitar lesson if you wish to sit in.

Do I need to own a guitar before I start my first lesson?

Not at all, I have guitars here that you are more than welcome to use!

Can I study grades?

Sure, I can totally take you through the grades. They are a great thing to do to confirm your knowledge as well has gain UCAS points to help you get to university.

Do I have to attend guitar lessons every week?

Not at all, we can have lessons whenever you want. Most of my students have a guitar lesson once a week, with a few having lessons once a fortnight or even twice a week. It is really up to you! From experience the more lessons we have the faster you progress!

Do I have to read music?  

No I teach tablature which is easier to grasp at first although I am happy to teach music reading and I will cover theory.

Do I have to be naturally musical to play?

No nobody was ever born a good guitar player, it’s down to how much you practice. Everyone has the potential to be able to play guitar if the are passionate enough about learning.

Do I have to learn certain pieces of music?

I will structure the lessons around the type of music or artist that you like. It has to enjoyable for you to learn!

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All Styles Covered

I teach all levels of guitar, so no matter if you have never touched a guitar before or your a regular performer on the local music scene I can help you achieve your aims on guitar. All ages are welcome, with lessons being individually tailored to each guitarists specific needs. I also travel to my students, helping them learn in the comfort of their own homes - so you don't even have to travel!

If you are interested in learning guitar or simply want to find out more about my guitar lessons give me a call or email me via the contact page.

Alan taught me to play with speed & confidence covering the songs that I wanted to learn. He is a great guitar teacher in Sunderland!